Sunday, December 27, 2009

All my stuff

Since I started making Martini's, I have collected so many cool things. The other night, I saw an episode of "Good Eats" on the Food Network. Alton Brown showed the way to make a perfect Martini. Of course, he had a stocked bar and all the little gadgets that go with it. My husband had to stay up to watch the show (which was on WAY past his bedtime) just so that he could see all the different things that Alton had so he could get them for me for Christmas.

I have a top of the line Martini shaker that my best friend, Becky gave me for my birthday. It was featured in the Food Network magazine a few magazines ago and it is so nice! It has a flip top, and has a great seal on it - NO SPILLING!! YAHOO!!! I use this to make Margaritas, Pearl Harbours, and any other mixed drink. There is something about the way ice sounds when it is being shaken in a martini shaker!!

This Christmas, after seeing the Alton Brown Martini show, I HAD TO HAD TO HAD TO have a Boston Shaker. I had no idea how to use them, or why I needed one but Alton had one so what the heck right?!?!? Anyways, my poor husband, and Becky and her dad searched high and low for this Boston Shaker and it was not to be found in any store in fact, Ray said that they looked at him like he had grown 2 heads when he said what he was looking for!!

He had to turn to his savior the Internet where he found one on Amazon. He found that along with every size measuring cup there is. I love them all!! You will be able to find all of these things on and put in the keyword Boston shaker. They will come right up.

I used the Boston shaker blog to find out the correct way to use it. It was really informative and had all the different types of strainers. It also has a video on how to use the shaker itself which I thought was really neat. I need a visual!! The link is here if you are interested:

The picture shows everything. The Boston shaker comes with the strainer and the glass and metal cup, the 3 size jiggers are in front then my martini shaker is the last one on the right.

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE MARTINI'S?????


  1. I LOVE IT!! did you know you can make a sorbet from this???

  2. From the French Martini one? I did hear that! I think I saw the recipe for it!!